You still suck

You still suck

And another frustrating week waiting on the VIN. So the paperwork finally made it wherever it was supposed to go. But after calling to confirm today whether it was processed or not, I found out they had sent me a letter back requested a number of other documents… basically putting me back at square one. Mind you the previous letter I received only requested that I submit a bill of sale and photos to complete it. So somewhere along the line they decided they would change the method for a VIN request. Just so damn frustrating waiting 2 months only to be back at square one. We had confirmed this method with numerous employees of the state and its invalidated by some guy who thinks it should be done differently, and of course you can’t actually talk to them to sort it out. So there is my rant.

On a lighter note, I sorted out the side stripes on the car. Borrowed some inspiration from the caterham 620r. Very pleased with how they turned out this time.

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