This is why no one likes the government.

Frustrating week, tuesday was the 4th week of waiting for a vin after having to send additional documentation. Since i was told that it usually takes 2-4 weeks to process the paperwork, i gave them a call on tuesday to see if i could get a status update. Well turns out they had no record of the paperwork coming back. So either the post office lost it or the DOR did, not sure who i want to blame for that one. Anyways, this led to me having to resubmit the documents. However instead of mailing it and running the chance of it happening again, i decided to spend a couple hours driving to south west Atlanta and hand it over in person. So I’m back to waiting with the hope they will expedite it since its taken so long.

Other than that i did do a bit of work on the car. I have been making a mental checklist of stuff i will need in the car. Ie tools, tarp, tool roll, etc. anyways i realized i would want a garage door opener. But since there is no real place to store something like that i got to thinking about how much i like having the homelink buttons in my other cars. So i did some searching and stumbled upon this article. … k-retrofit

So i found a module on ebay for $20 and picked up some switches from radioshack, and got to soldering it. Really a super easy mod, i just ran one switch for the garage and fixed it under the AIM dash. So now i just push a button on the dash to open the door.

Finally i redesigned my side stripes to fit the car better. Should have those on later next week.

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