There’s a cost to everything… sometimes twice.

There’s a cost to everything… sometimes twice.

Welp missed a week of building last week. The time finally came to pay up my end of the car bargain to my wife. This meant it was time to remodel our kitchen. I put it off as long as possible, but as soon as the tax refund hit the account my wife made me move.

Anyways back to the car. After putting the belts in I realized, if I was going to do a arm rest I would have to do it prior to skinning the sides of the car. So that is where I started this week. While I had the tools out for the kitchen I cut the center console in mdf. Once the pice was cut I route red a .5″ radius on the edge to match the thickness of the wood. This again was done for comfort and the fact the seats wouldn’t fit otherwise.

I had to do it in 3 pieces due to the tight fit and the change in angle of the tunnel. The rear piece had to be totally separate because of the seats fit, otherwise there would be no way of installing it. The middle and front portions were fiberglassed back together so that it held the correct angle and could be one piece. Once that was done I found a Tandy leather store and picked up a hide of black suede.

Here’s the final product:

Last thing left is put a shift boot on it. I ordered one off of ebay and if it matches color wise I’ll use it. Other wise I’ll have to make my own.


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