Stopped in my tracks

Stopped in my tracks

Week of October 11 Update

This week I finished assembling the pedal box with the appropriate fittings, and hydraulic brake light switch.

I ran the hard lines for the front brakes and fabricated the bracket and clevis to allow me to connect the mx5 throttle cable to the wilwood pedal box. When all said and done I’m very happy with how it turned out. It was a little tricky figuring out how the throttle cable needed to be routed in order to work with the wilwood throttle bracket (there are not many examples online of one of these pedal boxes installed and certainly nothing specific to the mx5). In the end I came from above, so that when the pedal is pressed its pulling the cable towards the floor.

Finally I placed a few orders for bodywork and brakes. On the bodywork side, I ‘ve got my scuttle and rear fenders from equinox via I’ve also got a 7 style front grill and a westfield carbon fiber dash that should be shipping out soon. I stumbled upon a company in the states here that sells a set of carbon fiber sport bike mirrors for $80US. Quality is pretty good, although I’m going to 3d print out a set of trim rings to obscure the poor cut of the mirror itself. I’ll post some before and after shots when I get that done.

On the braking side my original plan was to get a set of wilwood 4 piston calipers for the front and stick with the mx5 calipers in the rear. Well after needing a new set of rear rotors, rear pads and a replacement caliper, I came to the conclusion that I was approaching the price territory of a 4 wheel brake kit. So with that said, I now have a package on the way containing wilwood calipers for front and rear with slotted rotors, pads and just about everything else.

Here’s this weeks pictures, sorry about the quality, shooting black on black at night isnt the best way to reveal whats going on.

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