State of Locost

State of Locost

Thought I would do a “State of the Locost”.

I’ve had a few updates:

– Installed one of these ( … ended.aspx) on my dash under my steering wheel. basically this allows me to plug my trickle charger directly into the dash, thus I no longer have to take the hood off after every drive.

– A few weeks ago I did this while launching it.

Not sure if it was from the launch or missing 3rd gear and hitting 5th. But I snapped the arm clean off. I was still able to drive it home though. Following day I pulled it out and had it welded back up and boxed in. I may still go back and install some aluminum bushings.

– Finally, my braille battery crapped out on me. May be because I wasn’t running an alternator until recently. But thats another thread entirely. Unfortunately the warranty had expired, but they were nice enough to discount a replacement. Hopefully this one lives longer that 1500 miles.


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