May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you

Been quiet on this end for the last week, as the car is pretty much done with the exception of tuning and alignment. I just waiting on the VIN at this point, so I can complete the registration process. Don’t know know if I posted this or not, but my initial application bounced back because the state wanted photos and a bill of sale. So I made one up and sent it back week before last, so no new is good news at this point. Just hoping it doesn’t take to long for a Vin to be issued. So I wrapped up everything possible this week.

I built a under tray for the rear compartment out of some leftover aluminum. This put a floor under the diff as well as some wings in the back of the wheel well to hopefully direct air coming under the car out the back versus into the trunk.

Next I took some more bed liner and did a undercoat under all the fenders, to hopefully add some protection from tires flinging rocks.

And the last thing on my punch list was getting some decent tires. Which turned out to be a slight pain in the butt. I bought a set of Toyo R1R from, as they came highly recommended from the british locost owners. Anyways, I took the wheels and tires to my local tire place to have them mounted and balanced. However what I got back was a bit disappointing. All 4 wheels had been damaged. One wheel had a pretty badly bent lip and all 4 had gouging on the back side where the mounting machine clamped on. Finally the person who balanced them did a horrible job, one wheel had a strip of wheel weights about 14″ long. Nothing like adding a half pound of lead to a set of light weight wheels. So I brought them back and bitched to the manager, who was very understanding. So he took them and sent them off to a wheel repair shop, which fixed everything up, re-powder coated the wheels (not the worst thing since the existing powder coating from konig was pretty thin) and rebalanced the tires (without a ton of dead weight).

So other than that I’m just waiting on the wind deflector, which is somewhere in atlanta and will hopefully be delivered in the next day or 2. I also mocked up the stripes in photoshop to get a idea of what design I’m doing. I settled on the caterham 650r stripes in copper to match the wheels. Here are the photoshop mockups.

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