It’s not Paint!!

It’s not Paint!!

Been jumping around on various parts this week due to the cold. Tried to do stuff that I could bring inside and work on.

– Finished the mounting and welding the exhaust…although I’m going to have to add a resonator or another muffler. Its pretty friggin loud.
– Wrapped the header in DEI Titanium header wrap. I think it turned out really nice and did a great job of hiding my terrible looking header welds.
– Installed gauges and the AIM MXL Dash. I ended up going with the MXL Strada as it was $1000 cheaper without the data logging, and since I was using a megasquirt I could grab all the sensor data from the can bus on the megasquirt. So no need for extra sensors. As for my physical gauges, they are auto meter carbons, and I’m using fuel level, oil pressure and boost. Boost is probably not necessary with the supercharger, but between those 3 and the digital dash, I can cover just about everything.
– Vinyl wrapped the scuttle, I’m going with an metallic anthracite colored car, with a gold racing stripe. Vinyl showed up this week, so I decided to give the scuttle a go since it was the hardest part.


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