Getting very close now.

Getting very close now.

Checklist for the week:
– got necessary paperwork for vin request filled out and notarized by country tax official, then submitted to state. If a VIN number comes back, then the car will have cleared the major hurdle.
– Finished hood install and cutout. Think I’m going to just leave it as is for now and paint the supercharger top in wrinkle black. It kinda looks cool like that. Also it makes for a nice heat vent.
– So I don’t know if I mentioned in a previous post but I began experiencing engine issues after a second test drive. Engine effectively cut out over 2000rpm and then the follow week wouldn’t fire up without the throttle open. Turns out it was only running on 2 cylinders. So this led me to replace the fuel filter figuring it was clogged… which it wasn’t. Replacing plugs and wire, plugs are cheap and wires were questionable… no dice. Pulling the injectors and sending them out to be cleaned… not the issue, but they did need it. Swapping out the ignition control module and coils… not the problem so I returned them. At this point I was at a loss, that covered nearly even piece of the fuel injection system. What I didn’t bother to check was whether the vacuum line that runs to the megasquirt ecu was still attached. The same vacuum line that is teed into the fuel pressure regulator, and the one line that if were to disconnect from the overly small fitting would result in the engine getting very little gas. Sure enough it was off and the engine fired back up… but wait there’s more. Thought I had resolved this until I test drove it and realized it was running like sh!t. Upon further investigation injector 1 and 3 were not working. Which thankfully since those were on the same wire led me to the ecu where my wire loom must have been pulling on that pin a bit much and causing the disconnect. Thankfully I found that one pretty quick and everything is working swimmingly again. Although I’m out about $200, $100 of which was unnecessary.
– While researching the engine issues I realized my blowoff valve was not hooked up correctly… I kinda wish I hadn’t. The friggin thing is really loud… and awesome.
Finally I finished up the main body work. Had to do some bond repairs on my nose cone from when it was shipped. Then I had to make a decision on whether to cut openings for a pair on carbon fiber naca ducts I had bought with my nose cone and fenders. The problem being, I wasn’t sure exactly what to use them for. The original plan was to have them feed a intercooler or to feed air back to the intake filter. Well I pulled the trigger, and while I still don’t have an exact answer, I can say without a doubt they are visually worth it.

So here it is. Only body work left at this point are the fenders.

I wish I had done some sort of drawing before I started this because this has completely met my original vision of the car.


There’s always one more thing. Went ahead and did the black wrinkle coating on the supercharger manifold.

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