Come on why isn’t this done

Come on why isn’t this done

Another week and no VIN. Spoke to my contact this week and asked for info on time frame and was told its usually 2-4 weeks. So hopefully I will see it soon. In the mean time I’ve been trying to find things to do on the car. Started by taking some leftover carbon fiber vinyl from another project and made rock chip guards for the rear fenders. We’ll see how well it works, It’s pretty durable stuff. Then I got my bronze vinyl and had my racing stripes cut. Nothing like putting some straight lines down the center of the car to see how off center other things are. I had to do the striping twice down the hood, as either the windscreen or rear view mirror cutout on the windscreen is a little off center. So when I centered my stripes off the windscreen, it was visibly moving off center to the drivers side. I also did the stripes down the side of the car, but after living with it for a day, I decided I didn’t like it very much so off it came. The goal was to match the wheels color, and when on the same plain as the wheels it does, but when on the body under different lighting the color difference was enough that it was distracting to me.

I also ordered a rear view mirror from race mirrors. It was by far the cheapest of the carbon fiber rear view mirrors available, but still way more that what I would have liked to spend. The upside is they will custom make the stem for you, so you can get it in whatever height you need. He also helped verify that it would fit perfectly prior to ordering so that was very helpful.

Finally I ordered a halon fire extinguisher for the car.

As you can see I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here for things to do while I wait.

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