Caging My Demons

Caging My Demons

It seems that one of the side effects… at least for me, that comes with driving a 7 is a constant assessment of ones own safety. When it was solely used as a road car, it went from making sure I’m visible to other cars, to making sure I wore goggles, to wearing a full race helmet. Then there’s the time the school bus pulling a trailer full of river tubes decided to make a turn across your lane when you’re less than 100′ from it and traveling at roughly 60mph. Causing a full lockup and some spectacular evasive maneuvering.

Then when I switched to tracking the car there was the ever present danger of going off track and hitting something with zero protection. I think Road Atlanta was the tipping point, with its high speeds and abundance of concrete walls. This led to the decision to build a full cage during the off season. So I purchased a JD2 tubing bender, the necessary brackets and ram to convert it to hydraulic actuated, and a bunch of tubing. What follows is the photo documentation of the project. Since it would vary from car to car I’m not giving a hard details. What I can say is the car is a little bit slower from the weight and wind resistance, but the safety really outweighs that. I also used the Caterham FIA cage as my inspiration.

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