Caffeine and Octane

Caffeine and Octane

Did bit of work this week. While researching the issue of why the gas cap was difficult to remove on my JAZ fuel cell. I realized that my fuel line plumbing was not exactly correct. I never thought to leave any sort of vent on the fuel cell. The cell would puff up with the added gases during a hot day, thus creating the potential for an epic fireball. So I made a trip to Summit Racing on the way back from a trip to Savannah with my wife, to pick up the needed fittings. First I disconnected the return line I had installed on the fitting on top of the tank. Then I added was a anti-spill fitting to the top vent fitting (prevents fuel from spilling in a roll over. Next I stuck the return line into a gas can and turned on the engine till it pumped all the gas from the tank to the gas can. This made life a million times easier when it came time to remove the cap I had installed on the second fitting on the sump. Once that was done I made up another steel braided fuel line attached it to the existing return so that it could reach the correct fitting. Thankfully I mentally worked through this process while on vacation and it was much easier than I had feared when I first realized my mistake. Finally after filling up the tank and driving it around, I realized that the new vent was now letting a bit of gas out under heavy braking, so for a short term I attached a silicone line to it so fuel won’t make its way onto me.

Another fun fact I learned while draining the fuel, If you are using a 8 gallon jaz drag cell, and in my case a 6″ long sender then a 1/4 tick on the fuel gauge will equal round about 1 gallon of fuel. This means that when my gauge reads empty, there is still almost a 4 gallon reserve. Not really ideal, and may be something I go back and correct later on by finding a 7-8″ sender… if they exist.

Lastly, this morning I took the car to the monthly Caffeine and Octane car show hear in Atlanta. Had a great time and got a very positive response. Seemed to always be a crowd checking out the car, and that was pretty impressive when you consider there were probably 500+ cars of packed tight over a 1/4 mile worth of parking lot. Also saw a Westfield and a “Real 7” in the mix.

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