Bending Reality and the Hood

Bending Reality and the Hood

Friday Progress Report. Been super busy with work this week so its taken longer than I would have wanted. But I chipped away at it and the hood is almost done. Made it out of .060 aluminum, which was thinker than I was expecting. Bought/Borrowed a 6″ pvc pipe from Lowes. Which did a very good job of matching the curves. The scuttle has a ledge for the hood so that was easy enough, and the nose has a catch molded into it, which will come in handy for leveling the front of the hood, which is about 3/16″ high. So I’m going to 3d print the male end for the catch and be done with it. Only issue I’ve run into is the supercharger clearance. for the most part I clear with a 1/4″ but the bypass valve really gets in the way. So I’m going to have to make my opening a bit wider then let the engine shape it the rest of the way.

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