Engine and trans… drop it like it’s hot

Engine and trans… drop it like it’s hot

Fairly Productive 2 weeks:

  • *Fabricated engine and transmission mounts
  • Finished Painting Chassis – used truck bed liner that I used on the floors to coat the entire undercarriage in a nice thick rubberized coating. This should help with vibration noise, and give me a nice durable rust proof finish. I figure this is more or less what they use on regular cars, so it should work well here too.
  • Reassembled chassis
  • Received delivery from kitcardirect.co.uk Neil is a top notch guy, I originally contacted him wanting to order carbon fiber caterham csr fenders, CF naca ducts, and CF winglets. I mentioned that I was having trouble sourcing haynes body work from the UK fiberglass companies, and he was nice enough to order them from equinox for me and ship them my way. I ordered a nose to begin with to verify it wouldn’t get destroyed in the process. And am now ordering the the scuttle and rear wings. Not the cheapest or easiest way of doing this, but really no more expensive than ordering from the only company here in the states. This way I get exactly what I want.
  • Trimmed nose for openings and suspension bolts. Next will be trimming for duct work.
  • Good News clearance of supercharger is better than expected and may only require minor hood modifications to fit.

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