2019 Status Update

2019 Status Update

It’s been a while since I last updated this build log. But thought is was time to show some of the post build progress made to the car. Between finishing the car and now, the car has been on a race track roughly a 20 times. For the most part the car has performed flawlessly, but there have been a few things that I’ve had to address. I’ll start by saying that when I first started the project my intentions were for a road car and not a track car. But overtime those in intentions have flipped. Now it is mostly used as a track car with occasional road use. What this mean is that after tracking for a while things that I designed for the road have been found to be inadequate for repeated track use, specifically the engine, transmission and exhaust mounts. These have all failed.

The mount for the trans completely disintegrated, of all the part this seemed most likely when I designed it. It wasn’t something I was happy with, but no other solution came to mind at the time. However once I saw how it failed, I knew how to fix it. This ended up just being 2 urethane discs sandwiched around the mounting plate.

The next failure was the engine mounts. I discovered this when repairing the trans. The rubber jaguar mount separated from the steel domes. I don’t know if this was a result of the trans mount but the repair was a new set of jaguar urethane mounts. Since then there hasn’t been an issue.

Finally the exhaust mounts failed, in a slightly more spectacular fashion. In that I was on the race track when it happened and the exhaust tip dragging on the ground was a bit of a sudden surprise. I was going around a sweeping corner at about 80mph when it came loose. but because I was wearing a HANS I couldn’t actually see was happened, and assumed the driver’s rear brake had failed. So I cautiously limped it into the pits and called it a day. Again the failure here was the rubber mount failing due to heat. The fix was to hard mount the muffler to the body, and let the flex joint handle the motion.

All in all these failures could have been prevented with for-thought but again it would have required downing the final use case.

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